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Your family is constantly being attacked by the harmful agents from the food they eat, from the water they drink, from the air they breathe, etc. Like the country's defence system, their immune system protects them 24 hours a day from these attacks. In most cases, their immune system can defeat the invaders and keep them strong and healthy. But once the system is down, the door is wide open for these unwelcome visitors.

The blend of Bifidobacterium longum BB536 and Galacto-Oligosaccharides (GOS) contained in IMUNO FACTOR™ aid in gut well-being, supporting and strengthening your family’s natural defence by promoting the growth and multiplication of beneficial bacteria and shielding them from the bad ones. Nourish your family’s inner ecosystem sufficiently to ensure their immune system works optimally against the onslaught of harmful agents.

One of The World’s Most Recognised and Researched Prebiotic

A healthy intestinal environment is closely associated with a healthy immune system:
• Gut wall provides protective barrier against the entry of harmful substances • The beneficial bacteria help to strengthen your gut barrier against the colonisation of harmful bacteria
• Your gut hosts a major part of the body’s immune system i.e. containing about 70-80% of your body’s immune cells

Apparently, the beneficial bacteria help to strengthen the integrity of your gut barrier against the colonization of harmful bacteria, leading to a healthy intestinal environment – one of the essential steps to support your body’s natural defence, the immune system.

Extensive Research Shows that BB536 • Supports Healthy Immune System
• Improves Intestinal Environment
• Improves Regularity
• Alleviates Constipation
• Improves Loose Stool
• Supports Healthy Cell Growth
• Enhances Bone Strength
• Maintains Healthy Serum Cholesterol Levels

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