foot cream

Foot Cream with Menthol & Eucalyptus Oil


Deficiencies Lack of vitamins and minerals (such as zinc) can affect your heel health.
Pressure : spending a long time standing at work or home.

Aging skin : Thick, dry, scaly skin loses its elasticity with age, and as such cracks could have higher incidence as become older.

Exposing Foot Wear : Open back sandals or shoes increases the possibility of cracks on your heels. Taking care of your feet regularly is important when wearing exposing footwear.

Hygiene : Unhygienic conditions can cause cracking.

Water : Water can take away natural oils the skin and can leave the skin rough dry. Standing for prolonged periods areas, such as a bathroom, can cause dry and cracked heels.

LACTIC ACID improves the skin's texture through exfoliation --encourages the skin to slough off its old, dead skin cells revealing the glow of healthy skin cells hidden thoroughly exfoliates the skin, allowing more moisture through to the new skin below.

UREA is a debriding agent. It works by helping the breakdown of dead skin and pus, which helps to loosen and shed hard and scaly skin. Urea is hygroscopic, which means it is able to bind moisture in to the outermost layer of skin. It is also keratolytic, meaning it breaks down the connections between dead skin cells, and has anti-itch and anti¬microbial properties. As a result, it improves natural exfoliation and soothes and smooths the skin's surface. As a substance produced naturally by the skin, Urea is well-tolerated even by dry and sensitive skin.

OLIVE OIL is rich in oleic add (omega - 9 fatty acid) and phenolic compounds, therefore treats and helps the skin to regain the hydrolipidic balance while providing significant antioxidant protection. Olive oil is an excellent natural skin softener

EUCALYPTUS OIL acts as an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic. It is specifically a very powerful bactericidal with anti-viral properties cleanses and relaxes — perfect for achey feet! It gives a moisturizing effect to the skin and is very helpful to remove sore muscles.

Allanto in softens the horny substance (keratin) that holds the top layer of skin cells together This helps the dead skin cells fall off, helps the skin keep in more water, and leaves the skin feeling smoother and softer.

MENTHOL gives immediate relief to tired, searing feet. Ideally relaxes, refreshes and improves microcirculation, eliminating swelling and discomfort.

TEA TREE OIL along with its natural antimicrobial properties , has a unique ability to penetrate the skin layers, allowing deep moisturization

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