5Ber Fact'r

Begin your Detox & Rejuvenation Regime Starting Today

  • Helps food move through digestive tract, Promote Bowel Movement
  • Promotes satiety, Maintain Ideal Weight
  • Slows down food digestion, Controls Blood Sugar Level
  • Feeds good gut bacteria, builds up healthy intestinal environment for better Immunity.
  • Removes remaining toxins stuck on the wall of digestive tract, Aids colon and Intestine Cleansing
  • 5BerFACT'R combines the synergy action from soluble fiber- a gel like fiber to get rid of accumulated toxins in colon and insoluble fiber- a bulking fiber to mobilise and flush out toxins, returns your body to a clean state.


    Possesses the benefits of prebiotic and fiber from soluble corn fiber, oat fiber and psyllium husk that helps restore gut health, promote regularity and tackle constipation.


    A potent blend of 24 types of grains and legumes provide dietary fiber and vital micronutrients such as B vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals.

    Green Tea

    A superfood that contains ECGC to enrich your body's antioxidant bank. It also speeds up energy metabolism and stimulates body fat burning, ideal for body weight control


    As each fruit is different in their nutrients, a combination of green apple, pear, kiwi, pineapple, passion fruit & lemon, rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, contributes to your overall health.


    Comprising of four green vegetables cucumber, celery, spinach and parsley, rich in folic acid and leutein, also other vitamins and minerals, nourishing your body.

    Although your body has its own detoxification system, a busy environment and stressful lifestyle continuously add up toxins in your body. When the toxin oveload, it accumulates on the wall of digestive tract, hinders nutrient absorption, impairs immune systemm which and will eventually make you sick.


    Strengthen your Health with fruits and vegetables. After your body is clear of all toxins, 5BerFACT'R rebuilds your body through delivering a variety of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from natual source of fruits and vegetables, that will promote overall balance for your well-being.

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